The nude trend


The nude trend

about the nude trend in clothing


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There was a time when people considered beige boring. To some, however, wearing beige, tan and similar tones was aristocratic. But that time is gone. The ‘nude’ trend has seen enormous popularization. A total ‘nude’ look, especially based on clinging dresses, today spells sex-appeal with all the implications.



I have personally always liked the beige palette. Those colours in clothes seem nobly reserved. BTW, it may be quite difficult to find the right shade. Beige has a tendency to play down the look with unwanted side-effects – such as, say, making you bleak and indistinguishable. But the correct nuance would be very flattering without exaggeration - just like the ‘nude’ make-up. 



Since fashion magazines hyped up the ‘nude’, a sub-trend has developed. It is the ‘glamorous’ nude with sequins, a sprinkle of crystals, ‘nude’ textiles in combination with different glittering materials, etc. Unlike pink and crystals – which is almost always over the top – the glamorous nude is subdued and classy. Choosing it you run low risk of looking stupid. But too much would still be too much.



Wearing nude - ‘naked’ - dresses has become a real craze among ‘the red-carpet’ women. Celebs and models indulge so much one is tempted to think they lack imagination. Strictly speaking, the nude trend implies opaque materials imitating or close to the skin colour. But some have gone further. The well-known fans of ‘the nude’ Kardashian, Beyonce, Lopez reduced the non-transparent patches to certain tiny areas on their bodies, covering the rest with pure sheer.





Combination of sheer-nude with sparkling embroidery can easily make the onlookers gawk. But the ladies are nonchalant. They bear themselves with regal dignity. And photographers snap many interesting poses. The expression on the boy-friends face seems worried: making sure all assets remain hidden must take a lot of concentration throughout the evening. 





And here come Lopez and Cardashian. Without turning their heads, they can pass for twin sisters - what do you think?





Another very popular ‘naked dress’ type is made of satin-like materials. Thanks to the texture it resembles a nighty, enhancing the wearer’s seductiveness.





But no one, so far, has beaten the notoriopuos show-off Rihana. Her audacity, when it comes to provocative clothes, can be written down in fashion history books - not that there is much fashion or style there, but nevertherless.



Naked Red Carpet Looks




If you like beige but don’t want to go for sexy, my advice to you: choose ‘nude’ t-shirts (no glittered, of course). I personally adore them – beige, sand, tan, milk-and-coffee… The pics to the left, on the contrary, show one of my flirty ideas. It, kind of, hits the nude trend, too. Although there is a very little ‘skin tone’, restricted to a zipper at the back of the tunic, it can easily compete with a total look.



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