There are no wrong colours, there are wrong combos and shades


There are no wrong colours, there are wrong combos and shades

Colour-matching - you can actually mix almost anything


It was back in the 1990s –around the time I made my first crop-tops (here is more How It Was: the Crop-Top). There were always some odd balls of knitting yarn, stashed about the wardrobe at home. Mom unravelled something. Someone brought us a few skeins of dark-brown wool – almost scarce goods but for the colour which had the shade of Soviet school uniform. I looked over all that “abundance” and decided to knit a sweater in different colours, matching brown with light blue, a few balls of which had once been a winter hat.



-Brown and blue don’t match, - came the statement from my Mom. I would hear more of it. It was understandable: it must have been difficult for a Post-Soviet woman to imagine such a combo. Brown and blue are not easily mixed, true.



I drew schemes on chequered paper - for the back, for the front, the sleeves. Amazingly, the estimated number of stitches turned out to be just perfect. The sweater has not stretched up to this day. Maybe, thanks to its patchy texture. I keep it. Just like it was with crop-tops, it would be hard for me to part with it.



I was knitting the sweater, and moved jars with different balls around. Mom occasionally reminded me that brown and blue did not match. When the seater was ready, Mom saw that brown and blue did match - sometimes.



Soviet fashion - how it was



Others liked the sweater, too. I got compliments on my work. Later on I even thought of making something in similar colours but more trendy in style. The sweater itself actually could be quite fine to wear now, if only it had stretched at the hem, but the brown wool was good quality, although scratchy. Oddly enough, so much time has passed but the shops are still stocked with very scratchy wool – shops that specialize in knitting yarn.



One of my own rules for colour matching is that you have to get the right shades and the right amount of colour. It is more of a feel than a rule, of course, as it sounds quite loose but it may help to keep these two things in mind. Also, when not sure if you can mix two colours, it is always good to think of a wider context in which you are going to use them.      



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