Slit Slacks


Slit Slacks

Брюки с разрезами на лето




Slit pants are perfect for the summer heat we have experienced over the recent years in this region. The worst spell I remember happened in 2003. For, roughly, two summer months not a cloud – not even a whiff – appeared in the sky. It seemed there was a kind of heavy dome overhead made from some metal emitting heat rather than sky. There was no breeze at all! The heat abated somewhat during the night, but still it was so hot you wished you could s1eep outside.




2003 was my first year in Kiev working in an office. The office was located on the third floor of a huge building, its windows facing the South-West. After midday the conditions became so unbearable you were reluctant even to move slightly as moving increases your body energy level. Big bosses had air-conditioning, of course, especially those with access to the organization's finances. But we, mere mortals, who did all the running were reduced to broiling. Naturally, back then I could not wear slit pants like this – not that they would help much. But they would have been too casual for my position.




Slit slacks are a perfect way to dress on a hot summer day if you are not used of wearing dresses and skirts like me. I decided to make slit pants from khaki-coloured fabric for the touch of military this shade carries. The look you see has been topped off with a strapless tunic and my favourite bag, all in well matching colours.



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