What Makes Street Style?


What Makes Street Style?

And why do they call it ‘style’?

‘Street style’ is a buzzword of modern fashion. But what exactly is the street style? It has no clear-cut rules like, say, minimal or shabby chic clothing. Why do they call it ‘style’ then? That is a good question.



I’d say, street style comes somewhere between ‘dressed to impress’ and ‘wearing casual’, although the world already heard critical complaints about the former. When the street style found its way to magazines pages, it raised accusations against the Industry people of affectation, of having it arranged, of posing for a calculated effect. Part of it was true. Entrepreneurs took the street style further. With growing attention from photographers for what was worn outside the show, certain lucrative minds saw the street as catwalk extension. However, it stands clear to anyone that authentic street style is much more effortless.



Basically, street wear is something you can throw on when going outside. It is not linked to serious social functions or rituals. Yet, it is not the casual, the latter being closer to home wear. Casual clothes are for informal and more private situations: e.g. for walking your dog, or shopping at the nearby mall. But it is not the best choice for longer strolls or to go into town with its throngs of strangers. This is where the street style takes over. It helps to blend into the urban jungle without sticking out a mile, on one hand, and without totally losing your individuality, on the other. So actually you do follow some very loose rules or rather the hunch for what would be right in this melee of city-dwellers each of whom can potentially give you a one-over.


Street style is made up of what you put on for yourself, to feel comfortable in the first place, with consideration for the weather and without much consideration for what a particular ‘caste’ or gathering of folks may think. In this respect it is kind of direct opposite of business or formal clothes. Street style says you are off duty, left to your own devises, being yourself. And that explains why it is difficult to pin it down. Different people naturally prefer different stuff. For me street style comes across as a mild fusion of more distinctive clothing styles, a combination of what folks have in their closets. Street style implies a spontaneous grassroots fashion sense, not what makers of couture or prêt-à-porter have to say about it.



We all know that fashion is a bit obsolete concept under the current circumstances. Gone is the time when it laid down the law in the limelight of international media, to which all eyes were riveted. Fashion has long since given way to tendencies, trends, styles suggesting, not dictating. Surely, brands always tried to channel the flow, to influence the goings-on. Since street style exploded, brands attempt to jump on the bandwagon with the help of numerous fashion-bloggers, models, etc.  



Создан 06 сен 2016