Maker’s Woes


Maker’s Woes

Handmade and the maker

In Maker Challenges I spoke of inadequate, poor-quality materials, and of businessmen who profit by people’s desire to make something themselves. This time I am going to speak about more individual issues. One of the original reasons why I started this website is that occasionally I create something which is not my style. Sometimes, while sewing you think you will definitely wear it, but when the project is over you realize you hardly will.  



The creative itch pushes the maker on. Just read the other day on Insta from some fabric seller: “Nothing haunts you more than the fabric you did not buy.” They surely know their stuff! Sometimes I end up with excessive clothing – and scruples about it. Sometimes you want to sew or knit something just for the beauty of it.


These two coats - or jackets - are a perfect example of this type of the maker’s woes. First I got the idea to machine-stitch a red chequered pattern on black and sew a jacket from two contrasting materials. When I bought the fabrics and set about it I saw the coat turned out nice. And then I was stuck with realization that it would suit me much better if it were in khaki and black with yellow stitching. Later on I visualized the third colour combination but managed to check myself and quell the itch. But the second urge was so great I went out and bought what I needed. I stilled the scruples saying to myself I could always offer the first coat for sale. When the first coat was ready, I liked it very much and hated the idea of giving it away. About that time I was going to my native city for week-end, so I took the coat with me and wore it there (the second one was still a project).



Now I have ended up with two almost identical coats. Actually, I wear the khaki coloured one from time to time and have even shortened the sleeves to turn it into something between a coat and padded vest which is good for demi season.  


Создан 02 ноя 2016