минимализм в одежде - minimal fashion style


Minimalism may feel like the ABC of making fashion. Some say you should master the minimal before you go on to everything else. I’d sooner say the opposite is true: first, you try pretty much everything else before you can do minimal. It may appear simple, yet the minimal clothing style is not so easy to pull off. But I am not a pro. I sew clothes as a hobby, and I can hardly teach anyone fashion. However, the minimal style is not the basics. The basics are the patterns, the choice of fabrics, making your clothes fit well, etc. True, all these things are especially important in minimalism, where you cannot hide any eventual shortcomings behind the design. But it takes more to style it right.  



Many designers-in-the-making feel tempted to experiment with minimalism. Creating simple yet elegant and fashionable clothes – what can be more appealing to a sophisticated mind? It is like the ultimate style. Sometimes, I even think that minimal is the only authentic contemporary clothing style, all the rest being nothing more than recurring trends. But experiments with minimalism often leave one with creations that look exactly that: experimental. It is interesting to watch such clothes, but you are not so sure about wearing them.




Minimalism is about balancing function and form stripped of all its trappings. It is ruled by the colourless monochrome. This does not say that minimalists deny the colour, but, just as the design, colours should be minimal. Taupe, warm greys, pale lavender and similar subdued shades are ideal minimal clothing colours. Various shades of brown fall under this category, too. Yet, even a bright red dress can be minimal in style. Moreover, if you choose to wear red, minimal style is even preferable. The stereotypical stunner wears something scarlet and laconic.






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