Crocheted and knitted swimwear


Crocheted and knitted swimwear

Can you really swim in a yarn bikini? Find out first-hand

Can you really swim in a yarn bikini? Find out first-hand. I will also tell you of its advantage over cut and sewn bathing suits.


Knitted or crocheted swimwear is not an ultra-modern fashion trend. Back in the USSR, crafty aunts sometimes created swimsuits from yarn. I remember seeing pics in magazines similar to Rowan and elsewhere. Back then I had serious doubts that a yarn bikini could be very practical.




A few years ago, when a lovely floral-print two-piece from an open-air clothes’ market ran after two days of mere sunbathing, I decided perhaps I should try with a handmade one. After some time figuring out how to design a crochet bikini - for bikini it was to be - I decided to go for a simple crochet pattern without sophisticated openwork in a wish to make it as practical as possible. I bought elastic band, trimmings and hardware that could come in handy… In a few more days, following trial and some error,  I was ready to hit the beach again.   


The majority of swimsuits made from yarn that we see on the Internet are crochet monokinis. Why? I really don’t know. Perhaps, people want to attach the bottom part, lest it slide down. Hence, we have myths that such beachwear is only good for posing and pool parties. It is untrue: it all hangs on the design. When I had put on my new bikini, I was surprised at how neat and trim it turned out. Knitted and crochet swimwear is non-stretch, but you can still make it fit well. The ethnica-inspired item below doesn’t have a single strip of elastic band in itself, yet I can bathe in the sun and the water without fear: the top and bottom pieces stay right where they should.



yarn bikini, вязаный купальник



Another myth is that in knitted or crocheted swimsuit people can see what is supposed to be hidden underneath, since the weave is much looser. And while the latter is true, consider that the structure of the fabric is much thicker. The weave is also knobbly which gets in the way, too. In a well-made yarn bikini you do not risk flashing the flesh more than usually, whereas in critical spots we line it with cotton jersey. On the other hand, the very fact that strings are woven more loosely, gives you a smoother suntan! The ‘white’ and ‘exposed’ areas on the skin seem to overlap. The last one may be the ultimate reason why I prefer yarn bikinis, made by me.





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