Lingerie-inspired clothes: 2 perfect street style looks


Lingerie-inspired clothes: 2 perfect street style looks

Hot and cool lingerie-inspired outfits you can easily wear outside. Females love lingerie-styled clothes. It’s girly and bold, and it turns the tables on those would rather put the soft sex in something strict or business-like, in something that hides the natural sex-appeal. And although many would disagree, saying say that business suits are very sexy, personally I have always loathed them – it may be even one of the reasons why I do not follow a career path that calls for the dress-code. Apart from being restraining and uncomfy, this clothing style has always irritated me by 'bitchy' looks, with all the consequences the effect entails. If you need to come across as bossy and bitchy, go for it. For a very definite reason the elite seldom choose to wear business style. So, girls, draw your conclusions.



When lingerie-inspired fashion trends hit the runway, it may feel like, for once, women get to lay down the law. But that is a very false impression, because there also lurks a huge danger. The line between sexy and slutty is unusually thin here. A lingerie-styled street look is most difficult to pull off. And I speak of outfits you can really wear outside – not just drive in them to a function where you will meet specially invited people and then drive back home.



The ‘Western’ approach to women fashion teaches liberal attitudes, but that does not say you can cross the line. Real fashion should not do it, because there is no point in making fashion that turns you into a laughingstock. Lingerie-inspired trend is not a contemporary craze: quite the contrary. It is one of the oldest clothing styles, so to say. Lingerie tendencies can be observed in almost any ethnic or national clothes - unless you think of some Inuits who have always lived in the Arctic cold.



One of the riskiest lingerie-inspired items is the slip satin dress. It is just like a nightie - so much, that I would not wear it anywhere, let alone walk about town. In that you should only drive around with bodyguards, I think. )) I would like to show you one of the modern street-style solutions for summer, based on fitted linen tunic with lace trimming. I have combined fabrics with flaxen or similar crudish texture and openwork or lace to create this lingerie-inspired look. The crop-cardigan and my fave bag top it off perfectly adding safety to the outfit. Check back later – I have more ideas about making lingerie-inspired clothes.




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