Are skinny jeans still in or over?


Are skinny jeans still in or over?

skinny pants, skinny jeans, skinny nudesI do not remember wearing real skinny jeans myself. I do remember a pair of slim – slimmish – jeans that I had. And I also had a pair of regular flared jeans, which I wore until its bottoms frayed. But on the skinny denim front that was it.



I do not even like denim so much. Although, for decades it was nearly a staple on my wardrobe. But I suspect the phrase 'skinny jeans' is often used to refer to pants made from different fabrics, especially here where I come from.



I have no idea who could have started the campaign against the 'skinnies'. That it is all just negative hype is obvious to me. Perhaps, someone in the Industry wants to push some other kind of pants. Take the so-called 'boyfriend jeans', for instance, that look rather like something from the 80-ies, an oversized vintage sort of jeans with high waist.



Anotare skinny pants in or over?her reason for the campaign against the skinnies may spring from the fact that they are a bit too sexist. On the other hand, one must admit that no cut of pants looks equally well with everything oversized. So, personally, I have split feelings about those women objectification issues. I hate objectification! But I know well enough: even women wearing niqabs and burkhas, suffer from those attitudes. It is not really about what you wear. It is about who - or what (pun intended) - you are, in certain people's world-view.



So here is my take on why skinnies are hard to oust, no matter how much one can try. This type of pants is very easy to match and mix, and wear with various creative layers - reason enough why they cannot be passé. Unless, of course, we witness some revolutionary change of fashion silhouettes, in overall.



I have my own favourite skinny pants’ design that looks great with oversized sweaters, winter parkas and other casual and comfy clothes. Some fashion experts would probably put them in the nude clothes category. I have always loved beige and various light brown shades, but never saw them as nude. Come to think of it, I do not like the actual skin tone fabrics. I like 'tinted' beige, if I may put it so: greige, light walnut, fawn and so on and so forth. Maybe, that is how this design came to be. 



Another cool thing about them is that they are easily paired with baby-dress tunics - and any type of tunics. It is hard to think of any other item with which you could pull off this look. Take it as a style hack from me.



The last but not least why I love skinny 'nudes' so much is because I can wear them in place of tights. I hate tights! After corsets, I see tights as the most misogynist piece of women’s clothing ever created. I loathe their synthetic clinging feel! And they constantly get runs, becoming a burden on the budget. Actually, I haven't worn tights for ages, and not going to change my mind.

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