Are skinny jeans still in or over?

are skinny jeans really out of fashion?Actually, I don’t remember wearing real skinny jeans myself. I do remember a pair of slim – slimmish – jeans in my closet. And I also had a pair of regular flared jeans that I wore until their bottoms frayed. But on the skinny denim front that was it.



I even do not like denim that much anymore. Although, for decades it was nearly a staple on my wardrobe. But I suspect the phrase 'skinny jeans' is often used to refer to pants made from different fabrics, especially here where I come from.



Don't know who started the campaign against the skinnies. That it is all just negative hype is obvious to me. Perhaps, the industry wants to push some other kind of pants. Take the so-called ‘boyfriend jeans’, for instance, that look rather like something from the 80-ies, an oversized vintage sort of jeans with high waist.



Anotare skinny pants in or over?her reason for the campaign may be that skinnies are too sexist to be popular so much and for so long. On the other hand, no cut of pants looks equally well with everything oversized. So, personally I have split feelings about any women objectification's issues.



Skinnies are very easy to match and mix, and wear with various creative layers - reason enough why they cannot be passé. Unless, of course, we witness some revolutionary change of fashion silhouettes, in overall.



I have my own favourite skinny pants’ design that looks great with oversized sweaters, winter parkas and other casual and comfy clothes.



Another cool thing about this design is it can be paired with baby dress tunics. It is hard to think of any other item with which you could pull off this look. Take it as a great style hack from me!



The last but not least why I love these pants so much is because in some cases I can wear them where otherwise only tights would be appropriate. I hate tights! After corsets, I see tights as the most misogynist piece of women’s clothing ever created. I loathe their synthetic clinging feel! And they constantly get runs, becoming a burden on the budget. Actually, I haven't worn tights for ages, and not going to change my mind.




self-made clothes designer from UkraineI have been trying to sew and knit since school, as hobby and necessity. You may say, I have a penchant for fashion, style and clothes' design, although by occupation I am currently a ghost-writer. I do not shop for clothes anymore: all my wardrobe now, save for shoes, gloves and a few pairs of socks, is made by me.


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