Quetzal Green Sweater


Quetzal Green Sweater


Loose handknit sweater in quetzal green


This loose knit oversize styled handcrafted sweater is suitable for autumn or sping. You can wear it as an off-shoulder piece. Or put it on over a polo neck in winter.



As a bonus, I will also ship a matching neck warmer covering the soulders.



Made from a fine blend or wool and synthetic fiber, the yarn has a soft, slightly silky touch. The sweater is not scratchy, unlike many other regular wool sweaters. So you can get it even if you have a very tender skin, like me. And it is ready to ship in trendy quetzal green or teal!  



The sweater can be custom-made in some other colours. If you consider this option, hurry up! I do not have the yarn in stock - I will have to buy it first. 



Follow me at Etsy to find out more. I have more merchandize that may interest you, especially if you are a petite size girl like me.    

Создан 10 окт 2018