Red Statement Crop Sweater


Red Statement Crop Sweater

chunky handknit red statement crop sweater


Do you have a crop sweater in your wardrobe? Maybe, it is one of your closet goals for this autumn?




Pulling on a crop sweater, you can easily turn a light summer outfit into a cozier autum getup without making your look bulky.



And a red crop sweater like this is a real statement piece - in case you need to make a statement.





I absolutely think that a chunky handknit crop jumper is a style staple for all denim lovers. It looks perfect with any kind of jeans. You can wear it over tunics, or everyday tops once the weather turns cool. Choose a cotton crop top for summer, and a sweater made of wool blend for autumn and spring. Surely, you will also be able to  put it on over a polo neck in winter. And the crop sweater does not hide our curves, girls!




As a pants only girl, I have worn crop tops quite a lot, and even decided to keep some no longer wearable pieces which are dear to me personally.




I offer a few handknit crop sweaters in my shop at Etsy: stop by - the active link is on the home page.     




  chunky crop sweater



Создан 24 окт 2018