Grunge How-to


Grunge How-to

One outfit in the Grunge style

Grunge doesn't protest - Grunge does not care. In principle, Grunge is an anti-style, a vocal “No” to fashion or dressing-up. The adjective ‘grungy’ implies utter shabbiness and dire need. But once you make a statement with it, Grunge has grown to be a style in its own rights.



grunge clothing style стиль гранж в одежде

Grunge style is “the casual” taken to such extremes that it is no longer recognizable. A woman “donned” in ‘the Grunge’ denies thus flirtation and coquetry. ‘Grungy’ clothes are not supposed to be appealing - to entice, to lure. Grunge lovers adore all kinds of comfy boots – the heavier the better. Those very popular sneakers, worn for winter (see the pic), would please them greatly.  



The photos, as you may see, show a perfect grungy outfit. The winter sneakers match the trousers. Looks like the trousers gather sloppily in folds right over the boots. The trousers are specially cut to imitate the look, of course. In reality over-sized wide trousers would slide all the way down to the floor covering boots which would be a pity.



The top is probably my favourite since we discuss the style. The flaxen tunic is the epitome of grunge. This type of fabric is often worn for summer heat, especially in continental climate. All tailors, and not only they, know how un-representable it looks even when freshly ironed. The price does not reflect this fact, however. The costly flax makes a very good Grunge material, as you can see. Pay attention to the ‘grungy’ colours. The bag, that I like so enormously, tops off the look.

ps) Although, the look posted above is not a classic grunge style outfit, the get-up is so 'grungy' that it perfectly demonstrates the essence of this trend.


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